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Early Life

"Born in 1961 in Harlem, NY and raised in Plainfield, New Jersey by my loving Mother. My passion for art was nurtured from the streets of Plainfield to the country roads of North Carolina and enriched by trips to France and Spain."


—  Alonzo

notable collectors


Bam Adebayo

Ray Allen

Dr. Maya Angelou 

Dr. William H. Cosby

Emmet and Sheila Dennis

Richelieu Dennis

Patrick Ewing

Ron Gillyard

Earl Graves Sr.

Jasmine Guy

Andre Harrell

Steve Harris

Charisse and Eddie Jordan

Carol & Hugh Lumpkin

Dean Marsh

Tracy Morgan

Alonzo Mourning

Zeke Mowatt

Dikembe Mutombo

Chris Paul

Walter Pearson

Linda & Tom Rizk

Dr. Benjamin & Cecile Robinson

Bill & Gail Robinson

Wesley Snipes

John & Monica Thompson

Dwayne Wade

Richard & Tonya Webber

Patti Webster

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